Our Classes

Three of its main components are:

  •       Learner: the child
  •       Teaching Strategies
  •       Assessment

“The objective of MPS is to help the children achieve the highest form of learnings ie.

 1. Remember 

2. Understand   

3. Apply 

4. Analyze 

5. Evaluate and 

6. Create as per Bloom’s Taxonomy

  • Comprehensive Math Profile (CMP)Students profile is a complete picture of their progress in particular topics, their learning preferences, strengths, challenges, etc.
  • Child Centered Learning Children learn by doing and they are active learners constructing their knowledge continuously. Teacher’s role is to guide and facilitate the learning process.
  • Innovative Teaching StrategiesTeaching strategies includes problem solving, hands-on learning, gamification, real world experiences, concept games, etc which enriches student’s learning.
  • Conceptual Understanding Students should be able to see a holistic picture of a concept and interlink various concepts. This enhances their ability to use their existing knowledge to new situations.
  • Problem Solving Approach (PSA)The approach engages students in doing mathematics in which they create, form conjecture, explore, test, and verify a problem. It develops their creativity, persistence, and prepare them for real-life challenges.